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Oatmeal launches customer surveys

Understanding what your customer thinks of your service or product is an essential part of business, so capturing this information should be a regular part of your marketing cycle. Oatmeal launches Oatmeal Surveys, a cost effective way of capturing attitudinal data on line. A sample live survey can be seen at 

Why should I consider doing a survey?

The old adage says that for each bad experience the story is told at least 8 times, and the same goes for positive experiences. An online survey shoudl be regarded as just another form of marketing collateral, the difference being is that it allows your recipient to give you valuable feedback that would otherwise go un-noticed.

Online surveys are a quick and effective way of getting a snapshot of what your clients really want from you, and there are an unlimited number of uses like:

  • Prior to launching new products, asking what clients really want from you
  • Post sale, getting feedback why they chose you as a supplier
  • Staff attitudes, give them a secure vehicle to voice their opinions

Oatmeal Surveys can be setup within 24hrs, we give you a link to email out to your recipients, or put on your website, you then sit back and watch the resposes in real time from the comfort of your desk.

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