Executive presentation coaching

Many of our clients prefer a more direct one to one approach when it comes to presentation training, so we also offer individually tailored presentation training programmes.Coaching is given by Oatmeal Managing Partners, who typically have a minimum of 15 years of experience presenting and managing as a profession, in front of audiences large and small, giving you the advice and confidence to help in your success. Clients include Oxfam, Atkins, Women in Banking and Finance, comprising of Lloyds TSB, Barclays, BBC, Lehmans, JP Morgan, Citigroup, RBS to name but a few.

Coaching can be done remotely by phone and email, or face to face depending on individual needs and existing skills level.

Our presentation coaching covers:

  • anxiety management
  • how to create killer presentations
  • the language of leadership, how to create speeches with impact
  • common pitfalls to poor presentations
  • gaining rapport through the use of NLP 
  • visual identity and style
  • vocality and delivery
  • closure and taking questions

Face to face sessions typically occur for half or full day with email and phone support to follow.

If required, we can also videotape each of your sessions with our state of the art, high definition cameras, enabling us to walk you through your style, and discuss improvement strategies with you.

Personal coaching is also ideal if you have a specific presentation that needs to be addressed, enabling us to partake in the dry running, creation of material and if necessary attend the event to mitigate any risks and give feedback post event.

To discuss your requirements CLICK HERE

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