negotiation skill training

Effective negotiation skills? what does this mean to you? not giving too much away, maximising profit or simply being fair? Whether you are negotiating an employment contract, product  / service sales or general business negotiation, the skill of effective negotiation is essential to ensure we strike a good deal. Our negotiation skills training courses give you the necessary skills and confidence to negotiate effectively in a variety of scenarios both inside and outside of work to include:

If you could only increase your saving or return by a small percentage you'd be better off. That what we aim to achieve in our negotiation skill training course, we aim to make you better of by 10% every time.

What does the course cover?

Each negotiation course is bespoke to the organisation to get the maximum return possible, and encompass the following outline:

What level of course is it?

Courses can be tailored depending on the audiences negotiation expertise catering for both beginners and advanced negotiators. We will discuss your negotiation needs in detail well in advance of the course and suggest a negotiation skill course of a suitable level. 

How is it taught?

Our negotiation skill courses are taught through a range of different mediums to cater for different learning styles, to include, video analysis, role play, experiential learning - what if scenarios, through to timed facilitator led workshops to fully immerse the delegates in negotiation variables that may come into play e.g. external data forces, competitors etc.

What do I do next?

Contact us outlining what you'd like to achieve, we'll then discuss your organisation and team with you and propose an outline negotiation skill training course for you to approve.

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